Case study: everyone involved relaxes at bath-time with innovative support

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Unique equipment is helping staff at a Mencap residential units make one of their residents more comfortable and relaxed in her daily needs.

The female resident has complex mental and physical disabilities.Her disabilities mean she has to bathe rather than shower. The submersion in the bath- aqua therapy- is also an essential part of her physical and mental treatment.

The problem

The issue- until now- for her carers has been how to safely and comfortably support her in the bath. This would optimise her ability to relax and obtain the full benefits of the aqua therapy, as well as ensuring her hygiene. However, all the systems hitherto available involved rigid, mechanical restraints, which she would resist, or they would have to remain fixed in the bath, impeding use by the other residents.

Her Occupational Therapist called in AAT to support in finding a way to help both her and her carers. The result has been the prescription of an AAT Aqua Liberty bathing support system.

The solution

Aqua Liberty is the only vacuum support cushion system that fits any bath and any user. It is also unique in being developed in the UK in partnership with disabled people and Occupational Therapists.

The lightweight adjustable system comprises a central, flexible backpiece that fits any bath. It is quick and easy to secure into position, and to remove. Any of a range of “mix and match” vacuum posture cushions is then easily attached to the backpiece, to provide infinitely remouldable, adjustable pressure-free support for the bather. 

To accommodate the woman’s requirements, AAT advised the prescription of its Comfortable Plus Duo cushion.

Combining a corset and and seat in one, the Comfortable Plus Duo delivers correct torso and pelvis positioning, stabilising her vertically and laterally, holding her in place without pressure. By making use of vacuum technology, the cushion can be precisely altered by her carers to deliver optimal comfort as needed.

Whereas the resident uses the Comfortable Plus Duo cushion only for the bath, it- and the range of vacuum posture cushions that interface with the Aqua Liberty system- can be dried and used in the wider environment, to provide appropriate postural support on seats, wheelchairs, car seats etc.

“Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content. Aqua Liberty has been the ideal answer for us as a care team. 

Jane Turton, home manager

To find out more about the Aqua Liberty system, including booking of free no obligation assessments, visit You can also arrange a free trial of the system.

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