Bagel- giving the support for freedom in water

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Bagel- the simple way for unrestricted support in the water. Makes bath-time safe and fun.

One of the biggest restrictions for anyone with limitations- and their carers- when bathing or participating in aqua therapy is achieving strain-free support in the water.

AAT’s Bagel removes that restriction.

It restores the person’s ability to free float without any risk of head immersion by stabilising and supporting their head above the water without restricting their body. 

how it works

Utilising innovative vacuum technology, you can precisely and infinitely mould the core cushion to each user. Hook and loop straps secure the cushion in place, thereby positioning the buoyancy on the chest and torso. This relieves pressure on the neck and head, ensuring safe, proper stability and relaxation whilst immersed in the water.

As a result, it enables all areas of the user’s body to be easily reached and cleaned during bathing, and allows full movement and thus flotation benefits of hydrotherapy to be enjoyed.

“Bagel supports all involved to get the most out of basic ADLs such as bathing or aquatherapy.

It ensures the client receives the full benefit of their hydrotherapy or bath experience, by having the safety and freedom to free-float.

“As importantly, it relies the carer of the physical strain of having to support them- particularly an issue in bathing, when you’re trying to balance properly supporting the head above the water, over the side of the bath, and perform the hygiene routine.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

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Bagel is just one element of AAT’s innovative support solutions to help with water-based scenarios. Details of the full range of options are available here:

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