AAT ‘s Paradigm Shift in Prescription for Stairs

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Combining one piece of kit with one accessory can revolutionise solutions for transferring up and down stairs, for clients and stores stock claims AAT GB.

The company, known as the stairclimber people, has developed its Universal Back in conjunction with Occupational Therapists, to make prescription as simple as possible.

Almost every Local Authority in the UK already has at least one AAT S-Max in stores stock. The addition of the Back accessory extends its ease of prescription, offering optimal variation of support and harnessing. Thus the requirements of almost every client who needs assistance to transfer up and down stairs, can be met from just one piece of equipment.

Class 1 medical device classified, AAT’s S-Max battery-powered kinematic unit can either incorporate a seat, replicating the support of a wheelchair, or be attached to most common types of wheelchair. The unit smoothly powers up and down stairs, safely transferring the patient from one level to another- and onward to destination.

It can adjust to carry a child or morbidly obese adult. It requires minimal effort to operate and steer so can be operated by the slightest carer. Its minimal turning circle means it can accommodate most flights of stairs, even ones with turns or twists. It requires no structural alteration to the home, nor installation- just a little operator training which AAT provides as part of the assessment/ re-issue process.

When not required, it folds compactly away. Each charge of the battery will deliver up to 300 steps.

“It’s a paradigm shift in the way OTs can resolve limitations for clients in transferring between levels,” asserts Peter Wingrave, Director at AAT GB. “It improves client’s daily life, and thereby improves their mental wellbeing. It further reinforces our stairclimber suitability for purpose, making it the ‘go to’ option, without the disruption to structure or family life inherent with alternative multi-storey transfer equipment.

AAT’s nationwide team of specialists can work alongside the Occupational Therapist to assess- free of charge- the suitability of  an S-Max for the property, the patient, and their carer(s). AAT can manage the whole process, from supply of the equipment, and training of the carer who will operate the climber, ensuring a correct and safe solution.

To arrange a free assessment, contact AAT via LiveChat on the website www.aatgb.com, fill in the form on the website, email sales@aatgb.com or telephone 01978 821875.

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