AAT optimises client ability to benefit from a bath

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AAT GB is so confident that its “game-changing” Aqua Liberty supported bathing system will help optimise the client’s wellbeing and independence, it is offering free no obligation trials.

Aqua Liberty is a new concept in supported bathing.

Developed with Occupational Therapists and carers, and manufactured in Britain, it is the first- and only- system of its kind that can fit any person, and any bath. Initial reaction to the launch has been so positive AAT is offering the free, no obligation trials to potential beneficiaries.

“Aqua Liberty is a substantial advance in solutions that profoundly affect the scope for all the proven therapeutic benefits of bathing in a safe, secure, supportive and relaxed environments. It revolutionises how the bather can benefit from the proven therapy of bathing, and reduces carer intervntion. We therefore believe we should make every effort to enable potential beneficiaries to try the equipment at home and without obligation,” said AATGB Director  Peter Wingrave.

The core Aqua Liberty base can be fitted with any of AAT’s relevant range of vacuum posture cushions, which precisely mould to hold and support bathers safely in the bath without pressure nor any rigid, hard framework.

The system can be configured to any user, irrespective of physical and/or neurological conditions, stabilising head, trunk and pelvis precisely and individually. The cushions are quick and easy to reshape, by the carer (with appropriate training),  to accommodate any changes the client may experience with their condition.

Uniquely, the therapeutic cushions are multi-purpose: they can be removed from the core system and used wherever else postural support may be needed- for example in a wheelchair. Their advanced neoprene covering is wipe clean and can provide further sensory therapy.

Thus the person using Aqua Liberty can enjoy all the proven health and therapeutic benefits of bathing with minimal carer intervention. The ability of the cushions to be removed from the core Aqua Liberty base and utilised elsewhere facilitates postural support prescription for the OT, and consistency of comfort and support for the client and carer, thereby achieving best value.

Aqua Liberty also features a pioneering easy-fit mechanism for securing the cushions  in ANY bath. It provides a stable, non-slip base and support during bathing. After use, it can be rolled up for easy storage, freeing the bath for use by other members of the household.

Free trails and no obligation assessment can be arranged by telephoning 01978 821875, emailing sales@aatgb.com, or online: https://www.aatgb.com/aqua-liberty/

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