• “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana.
  • “The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family. This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life.”
  • “We love the Gravity Chair! Stanley is so comfortable in it that he hasn’t sat in any other chair since. He feels safe and supported.”
  • “Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content.”
Rapid response reached new heights for owner of Inspirations care home in Wolverhampton, Trisha Hayward. The answer? AAT's S-Max stairclimber.
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Angela May


The AAT S-Max stairclimber, delivered within 48 hours, meant everyone could enjoy festivities

Rapid response reached new heights for owner of Inspirations care home in Wolverhampton, Trisha Hayward.

As a result, her service users were assured of a safe, comfortable, sociable festive season.

The elevator within the three-storey, 16-bedroomed home broke down in the run up to Christmas.

The part needed would take weeks to arrive. Trisha had evac chairs in place to address urgent staircase transfer from the upper floors. She felt a better option for both residents and staff was needed, bearing in mind the length of time the lift would be out of action.

An internet search led her to AAT GB- the stairclimber people.

Within 48 hours of her initial contact, AAT had visited Trisha, demonstrated the equipment, fulfilled her order and trained members of her care team to LOLER standards in the safe operation of AAT’s innovative S-Max Sella stairclimber.

how it works

The battery-powered unit comprises a motorised stepping wheel system on a lightweight but strong frame with integral seat.

It uses kinematic technology to smoothly move up and down stairs, enabling a member of Trisha’s team to single-handedly safely transfer the service user (up to 120kg/ 18+st) from one level to another- and onward to destination, executing 300 steps from one battery charge.

The rate of movement is completely controlled by the member of staff. When not in use, the S-Max Sella can be folded away. To further manage user safety, Trisha chose the optional safety harness to be added to the Sella.

“The evac chair is heavy for my staff to use, and bumpy, uncomfortable for my service users. I needed a better solution. The AAT equipment is amazing.

"My staff were very impressed too: they don’t have to lift anything, just push a button!

“AAT were amazing with the speed they responded to my enquiry, delivered the machine and trained my staff. We’ve got eight trained already, and another four will be trained after Christmas.

"It means all my service users will be able to join in activities, over Christmas and beyond, and access their bedrooms, in comfort and safety. And I’ll have peace of mind over their safe, comfortable movement between floors for the long term- AAT will also service the stairclimber.”

Trish Hayward

“We are unique as a stairclimber company in that we operate nationally and carry a core level of stock. That commitment to care providers, be it a care home, healthcare establishment or an individual in private or social housing, means we can expediate an extremely rapid answer to their daily mobility needs. We can manage, limit risk, in comfort and safety, and can do so within hours, days- not the weeks of alternative options.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

To find out more and book a free, no obligation assessment of the Class 1 Medical Device- rated S-Max Sella click: https://www.aatgb.com/booking-form/

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