We’re re-shaping how to support bath time!

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Creating a relaxing environment makes a big difference to daily life

George enjoys bath time now he has an Aqua Liberty to support him

We are proving we’re not just the stairclimber people, but experts in other specialised areas too.

We developed Aqua Liberty as a supported bathing solution, working with Occupational Therapists to devise the system.

Now we are now pioneering a scheme to support OTs in fast, appropriate, practical prescription.

Supported bathing that fits any person, any bath

Aqua Liberty is the first- and to our knowledge only- supported bathing system that fits any user and any bath. 

It means the client gets the full hygiene and therapy benefits of body immersion in the water, correctly supported and stabilised in the water without pressure points.

It delivers a fast solution that means no need to change the bath, with all its associate cost and disruption. 

Social care support and involvement can be reduced or eliminated. It makes the bathing process is less stressful for the care giver. 

Other family members can also continue to enjoy bath time. 

Its comparative low cost means it can often be funded without the whole Disabled Facilities Grant process involved in bath replacement.

To help OT teams prescribe more efficiently, we are equipping them with all the resources and support necessary.

By training either a member of or the whole team, and providing them with the kit needed, we are empowering OTs to be able to exactly configure equipment to the client’s individual needs, prescribe and order it.

In this way, supported bathing is achieved within days rather than months.

Occupational Therapists are already welcoming the scheme, with our team demonstrating the Aqua Liberty system, and training OT teams every month.

“We are all aware that the delay in organising funding for bathroom adaptations is one of the biggest issues facing OTs and their clients. The development of Aqua Liberty as a supported bathing product, and our OT programme, means that delay, in appropriate circumstances, becomes a thing of the past.

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

The Aqua Liberty programme builds on a similar scheme we have been operating successfully for more than a year with our Gravity Chair foam positioning system, for children and young people with severe and complex motor and sensory disabilities. Particular success has been achieved in Sefton alongside Alderhey Children’s Hospital, because of the Chair’s effectiveness, simplicity and practicality in prescription.

To arrange an initial demonstration and discuss becoming part of the Aqua Liberty programme, contact our head office via sales@aatgb.com, or telephone 01978 821875.

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