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S-Max Aviation, Aircraft Stairclimber – For Wheelchair Access…

Designed & developed in the UK this stairclimber is a specific, compact machine for the aviation industry and was originally developed for the regional aircraft market, to protect staff from musculoskeletal strains associated with heavy and awkward lifting.

smax-aviation-1      smax-aviation-2      smax-sella-aviation

 The S-Max stairclimber will provide comfortdignity and safety for your passengers, transferring them from inside the terminal to their designated seat on the aircraft.

The AAT S-Max Amazon powered, portable push wheelchair is now in service in all major and most regional UK airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Stanstead, Exeter, Norwich, Belfast, Aberdeen and Highlands & Islands, as well as in Eastern Europe, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, West Indies, Scandinavia, Ireland, Far East and Africa.

Passengers with Reduced Mobility are easily managed by this lo-cost solution which includes training for personnel (UK mainland). We are happy to train trainers if this would be more beneficial to you.

brochure-smax-aviation      brochure-air-chair

Find out more at aatgb.com

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