The Chilli Bean allowed Guilrem to be involved with the family…

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Case Study – 23/11/2015

Name – Guilrem
Age – 5
Condition – Various/Involuntary movement
Product medium Chilli bean
Guilrem spends most of her day in her Trition wheelchair. Parents wanted to have something which they could transfer Guilrem into that would hold her posture as well as allowing her to relax. They loved the Chilli Bean as this is what it allowed, also the fact that it is light enough to carry down to the car and then take it around with them if they wanted to visit family. The chilli bean allowed Guilrem to be involved with the family and also give mum and dad a break from constantly holding their daughter or watching her on the floor. We sat Guilrem in the Chilli bean for 30 mins and she really started to relax.

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