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Peter Wingrave, Sales Director @ AAT GB, looks at how Hugga sleep solutions for postural care can deliver multiple benefits for client and carer

Government guidance *(Postural care & people with learning disabilities: guidance note 1 below) points out that research proves sleep systems reduce tone/tension, prevent or delay contractures and/or structural deformity, help improve respiratory function and avoidance of tissue damage.

It further says the barriers to good postural care are:

  • Lack of awareness- by health and social care professionals, and others, that the consequences of body shape an distortion ARE avoidable
  • Lack of resources, often requiring specialist service
  • Lack of funding, the perception being such care systems are expensive.

People who find it hard to move are most at risk of developing body shape distortions, which can impact on their existing conditions and/or lead to new physical problems: left unmanaged, it can create pressure on internal organs, pressure sores, contractures, scoliosis, spasticity, difficulty in breathing and eating…. the list goes on.

The clinical need for sleep/ prone postural support systems is generally accepted:

  • Provision of external postural control and support
  • Reduction of tension within the muscles
  • Prevention of musculo-skeletal deformities and deterioration
  • Better posture and maintained muscle length
  • Reduction of pressure sores
  • Better implementation of carer intervention

The challenge is finding the right solution: one that balances all the issues of properly supporting the client, being easy to use by the care support team (whether at home, day care or hospital environments), being accepted by the client, being affordable.

Even when those issues are balanced, there are still practical considerations, particularly in these COVID times: keeping it hygienically clean, and ensuring client comfort.

The Hugga Sleep System was designed, in Britain, by leading neuro-physiotherapists for adults and paediatrics,  toprovide, cost-effectively and efficiently, the correct postural support in both supine and side lying. It offers a practical easy to use solution that can be integrated into your care plan. 

The core system revolves around just eight key components that can be quickly and easily mixed and matched for each user as their needs change whether over a matter of hours or longer.

The purpose-designed foam pads use hoop and loop grab fastening to fix and secure into place to correctly position and support the client (subject to relevant moving and handling procedures). Its ease of use/lack of complexity means it is simple to introduce elements and adjustments gradually to ease the body towards the correct alignment, with appropriate levels of abduction and extension. So it can support a client and adapt with their needs throughout their life (or for as long as necessary).

See Hugga in action

Key for clients and carers alike, the Hugga system is breathable. The support pads wipe clean, and the base sheet is machine washable. So it is quick and easy to maintain optimum hygiene however long each day the system is used.

Hugga prescription has resulted in demonstrable and measurable positive outcomes, both tangible and patient reported. Full details of the Hugga system, plus real-life client and healthcare professional experiences can be found in our brochure, and you can book a free, no obligation home assessment, at https://www.aatgb.com/hugga.


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