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Improving quality of life for stroke victim AND her family

Mrs Kaviraj can now go out thanks to the stairclimber that attaches to her wheelchair

The health and wellbeing of a stroke victim, and her family, has been transformed by an unusual prescription.

The Kaviraj family live in East London, in a block of flats with no lift.

When Mrs Kaviraj suffered a stroke five years ago, she was left disabled and unable to walk.  

As a result, she could not get out and was confined to the home. Her main carers- her elderly husband and daughter- were becoming increasingly worried about her mental health & wellbeing, which in turn affected their health.

Mrs Kaviraj’s lead physiotherapist knew of AAT and its range of stairclimbers and suggested one may benefit the family. An S-Max stairclimber was funded and provided via the local authority. 

Five years on, the machine- in essence adding climbing motion to a wheelchair- is still in almost daily use. It safely and reliably transfers Mrs Kaviraj up and down the stairs and out, having been serviced each year to maintain its performance.

“It’s helped the wellbeing of all of us”

“The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family.

“This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life, and helped her wellbeing. But it has also helped with the wellbeing of us, her carers, too. it means we all feel there is a real sense of freedom.  

“You can’t put a price on this sort of liberation. This will definitely help anyone who values wellbeing and freedom.  

“As for the maintenance – AAT is brilliant.  We’ve had the equipment for some time, and it really is maintained very well.  You never feel as though you’re a burden and have always been met with considerate staff and a level of expertise that is outstanding.  Believe me, this makes a difference when you’re juggling lots.” Chandrika Kaviraj

How the stairclimber works:

Class 1 medical device classified, the battery-powered stairclimber smoothly kinetically moves up and down stairs, safely transferring its passenger from one level to another, executing 300 steps from one battery charge. Options include a frame fitted to a wheelchair, or a stand-alone uniot complete with seat. The rate of movement is completely controlled by the person operating it, who received full training from AAT as part of the assessment and provision process. The stairclimber’s high balance point, lightness of wright and manoeuvrability mean it requires little effort to control and steer. When not in use, the stairclimber can be folded away optimising living space. 

AAT has a comprehensive range of options which include wheeled, tracked, power packs, stairclimbers that attach to a wheelchair or incorporate an integral seat, and that can accommodate tight and/or turning staircases.

AAT offers free, no obligation assessment (privately or in conjunction with the healthcare professional) so users and operators can be sure the machine will be appropriate for them. It also fully trains the operator to ensure optimal safety. To date, with a 15-year history and more than 3000 stairclimbers in use across the country, the equipment has a 100% safety record.

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