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Stair safety- manage the risk


New Safety regulations have come into force affecting stairlifts. Our stairclimbers already have the optimum safety built in.

Latest figures show some 43,000 people are hospitalised every year from falls on stairs(1).

It puts managing that risk as a major priority for Occupational Therapists.

The conventional route, of a stairlift, is beset with delay.

-Delay in assessing the client and their home.

-Delay in the funding process (Disabled Facilities Grant)

-Delay whilst the equipment is ordered, delivered and installed- causing delay in hospital discharge (bed blocking).

The problem is exacerbated by new Regulations governing stairlifts (EN 81-40-2020), potentially increasing cost with new safety measures required to the equipment.

Make life safe- quickly

Now, a new S-Max can be delivered and in use. We manage the risk of stairs, within three working days of receipt of order.

Alternatively, you may have an S-Max as part of the OT team’s equipment, that can be re-issued, quickly and safely addressing and managing the risk: we’ve sold in excess of 5000 already to local authorities.

impeccable safety built in

Coupled with AAT’s unique Universal Back, the S-Max surpasses the key safety requirements of the stairlift regulations, with the added benefit of thoracic, pelvic, head and feet supports to perfectly support and position the client during the stair transfer process.

AAT’s S-Max stairclimber range has a proven safety record stretching back 20+ years.

Thousands of the Class 1 Medical Device are already in daily use across the country.

unrivalled support

We provide an unrivalled support package : no other stairclimber provider in the UK has our combination of product adaptability to individual needs, nationwide team of assessment managers, speed of delivery, training and on-going service & maintenance.

The battery-powered S-Max can be fitted to a wheelchair or be supplied with an integral seat (the S-Max Sella).

It can handle most staircase designs, and complete 300 steps from a single charge. The rate of ascent/descent is set by the operator (care giver), via AAT’s innovative ComfortStep technology, including an energy stop function. 

The S-Max requires no installation, with AAT providing full training for everyone using the equipment. When not in use, the S-Max folds away, leaving the stairway clear/ unobstructed for other members of the household. It can even go outside, making the garden and wider community accessible too.

Full details of the S-Max range, plus the facility to book a free, no obligation assessment, are available @ 


Why we're #1
FREE Professional onsite assessment - with risk assessment - (face-to-face or over the Internet)
FREE Training as standard
Guaranteed buy-back
Certainty of re-issue
Huge range of unique vital accessories
Safety built in
Decades of expertise and experience
UK wide coverage and support
Thousands in use
Impeccable safety record
Optimised flexibility by design

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