• “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana.
  • “The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family. This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life.”
  • “We love the Gravity Chair! Stanley is so comfortable in it that he hasn’t sat in any other chair since. He feels safe and supported.”
  • “Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content.”
Case study: George's special seating aids relaxation for all the family
Teenager George Merry has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. It's always been difficult to ensure he is seated correctly. AAT’s Gravity Chair- has changed that.
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Angela May

Case study: George's special seating aids relaxation for all the family

boy with cerebral palsy in gravity chair

Teenager George Merry has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. He struggles to sit unaided and tends to stretch and extend his body. His family have always found it difficult to ensure he is seated correctly and comfortably unless he is in his wheelchair.

Discovering an innovative foam positioning system- AAT’s Gravity Chair- has changed that.

Indeed, mum Karen and George’s siblings made use of the Gravity Chair when George wasn’t using it!

The Gravity Chair looks like a gaming chair but is purpose-designed to support people with complex motor and sensory issues, learning difficulties, autism, ADHD and more.  

The deep, inclined seat provides a low centre of gravity providing a natural, stable and comfortable position.

High arm rests support the elbows forward; this helps reduce muscle tension in the shoulders and enables fine motor control activities. Snug lateral supports help maintain seated symmetry. 

The structure of the seat accommodates the occupant’s muscle contortion without risk. It helps ease discomfort from spasm and involuntary movement.

Gravity Chair provides a safe and non-restrictive seating option to ease deformities and contractures.  An optional tilt wedge can finitely adjust inclination of the Chair to individual user needs.

Comments Karen: “Because Gravity Chair looks like a gamer chair, my 17 year old would enjoy using it to play his Xbox on! I’ve tried it too: it was more comfortable than I expected and provided good support for my lower back.

“However, of course Gravity Chair does offer a lot more than that. 

“George really enjoyed sitting in the chair and was extending himself as much as possible, because he is cheeky like that! The angled wedge that comes with the chair meant we were able to tilt it. This gave George the ability to still extend himself but gave him the space- and stability- to do so.”

Find out more about the Gravity Chair Foam Positioning System, and how to book a free, no obligation assessment by visiting https://www.aatgb.com/gravity-chair/.

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