• “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana.
  • “The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family. This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life.”
  • “We love the Gravity Chair! Stanley is so comfortable in it that he hasn’t sat in any other chair since. He feels safe and supported.”
  • “Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content.”
Case study: bathtime for George is fun and free with new support aid
For teenager George, bath time has always been compromised because of his #cerebralpalsy. Aqua Liberty has changed that!
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Angela May

Case study: bathtime for George is fun and free with new support aid

For teenager George, bath-time has always been compromised.

His quadriplegic #Cerebralpalsy has meant he was always in a sling to give him the support necessary- until now!

Our Aqua Liberty https://www.aatgb.com/aqua-liberty/ has changed all that.

It is the first effective answer George’s parents have found, to enable him to relax and soak without them intervening. 

Designed and developed in the UK in partnership with Occupational Therapists, Aqua Liberty is the only bath support system that fits any user, any bath

Fitted with any of our range of infinitely-adjustable waterproof yet breathable posture support cushions, the Aqua Liberty system perfectly holds the bather safely in the water without care assistance.

The cushion- in George’s case the Comfortable Plus trunk/pelvis combo- is moulded to precisely and correctly support without pressure.

The design of the Aqua Liberty system means it is quick and easy to remove, making the bath available for use by other members of the family.

This also eliminates any of the delay, cost and disruption of installing specialist baths and bathing equipment. 

When not in use in the bath, the base can be rolled up and stowed away; other family members can still enjoy a relain bath.

The cushions can be removed and used wherever else sitting support is required- in a chair/ wheelchair, in the car- or other activities such as flying, beach buggy-ing or canoeing!

“We used to have a similar product to this but it used a beaded system and therefore didn’t mould very well to George’s body shape. Plus it recently broke and the beads went everywhere! Think polystyrene balls all over the wet room floor: I’m still finding them now! 

“Until we tried Aqua Liberty, we had to keep George’s sling on the in the bath as he is not able to sit up in the bath without support.

"He was extremely relaxed and comfortable whilst seated in the Aqua Liberty. He absolutely loves the bath so would make good use of this piece of equipment.”

mum Karen Merry

We are so confident of the value Aqua Liberty brings, we are offering free assessment and free trail of the system. Book yours by telephoning 01978 821875, emailing sales@aatgb.com, or online: https://www.aatgb.com/aqua-liberty/

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