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How to achieve round-the-clock comfort- no pressure!


For a disabled child, making sure they are correctly supported All the time can be hard. What works one hour may not for the next 23. Their posture varies as the ADL changes.

Our multi-purpose Stabilo posture support cushions are the first on the market to deliver infinitely variable and adjustable correct posture support. 

The cushions’ ability to be quickly and easily re-formed as needed, at home, by the care giver, means the child’s comfort- without pressure points- can be achieved 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

infinite variability copes with your infinite comfort scenarios

We have evolved numerous cushions shapes, that can function individually or combined to achieve the exact correct posture support needed.

They include Comfortable and Comfortable Plus for chairs/ wheelchairs, the Chilli Bean postural seat and mattress-sized Grande.

How Stabilo works…

Based around the concept of a bean bag, the Stabilo cushions can be precisely and uniformly shaped with mm precision.

The carer then simply attaches a pump to remove the air between the ‘beans’ and fix the shape of the cushion.

The process holds the shape for weeks.

As tweaks are required according to the child’s needs at the time, the carer simply allows a little air back into the cushion, re-shapes as required, and refixes the contours with the pump.

Small, velcro-fixed versions mean a single limb can be stabilised during a period of therapy. Large versions replace bed mattresses and can be exactly formed to shape and support the trunk and limbs as needed, even allowing creation of abduction wedges.

The Stabilo’s unique structure means they can also deliver integrated and supplementary sensory stimulation, via the tactile neoprene wipeable surface or by positioning of a smart speaker underneath for vibration and/or sound to transfer through the cushion.

“The concept of Stabilo came from a parent who couldn’t find suitable postural support for their disabled child. The product’s delivery of a solution for the child’s needs is therefore at the centre of every version. The diversity and flexibility of the cushions means they can do almost anything- support a child to join in family time, to achieve a good night’s sleep, or be more adventurous- even flying, canoeing, swimming, bathing or abseiling!”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

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