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How to make a step change in palliative care


In England and Wales, by 2040, demand for palliative care is expected to increase to 47%. How to better the end of life journey?

The trend is towards people dying at home(1).

There is also growing emphasis on a person-centred approach. This includes social and psychological support, and reduces unnecessary hospital admissions.

A step change in thinking could help better someone’s end of life journey, their palliative care. It could simultaneously ease distress to the family, and strain on already-stretched community care budgets.

Furthermore, the one piece of unobtrusive, mobile equipment can be re-utilised, re-issued to other people needing a short- medium term solution, thus optimising best value.


The step change is employment of an almost immediate solution to the barrier of steps and stairs- AAT’s S-Max stairclimber.

stairclimber brings person safely down stairs
the S-Max stairclimber means someone who needs help can be safely transferred up and down stairs, with dignity.

Class 1 Medical Device certified, the battery-powered unit smoothly kinetically moves up and down stairs, safely transferring the person from one level to another- and onward.

It can execute 300 steps from one battery charge.

The care giver controls the rate of movement, and we provide full training as part of the assessment and provision process. 

no installation!

Our stairclimber does not need installation. The staircase is free and unimpeded for use by the rest of the household.

This also helps minimise the psychological impact of the situation on all involved, and facilitates social interaction as movement around the home is maintained.

Inter-level transfer becomes safe and dignified, managing risk and reducing likelihood and incidence of falls.

It also means delivery of a safe means of overcoming the barrier of stairs can be achieved within days.

reducing disruption to home life

The S-Max removes the need to move a bed downstairs, with the associated disruption to all, and lack of privacy for the person.

He/she can safely be moved between all areas and levels of the home- and, importantly for their wellbeing, beyond into the garden and wider community.

When not in use, the S-Max can be folded away. 

best value for social care

When the original recipient no longer needs the stairclimber, it can be returned to community stores, and re-issued to another person in need of support, thereby offering best value. 

When coupled with AAT’s unique Universal Back, the S-Max can provide precise, tailored postural and musculoskeletal support for each user without the need to prescribe, purchase additional accessories, further expediating best value.

“It’s about a holistic approach, for everyone involved.

“It’s about giving a better end of life experience, better palliative care. Every small step that reduces the trauma should be considered. That numerous people can benefit quickly, from one piece of equipment, thus optimising best use of funds, is an added bonus.

“Our stairclimbers are proven to have an impeccable safety record, and, with thousands of units already in use by local authorities across the country, a trusted, safe, unintrusive option.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

For a demonstration of the equipment, or free, no obligation review of a person’s suitability by one of AAT’s assessment managers, click the link:, email or telephone 01978 821875.



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