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Rising to the meet the needs of wheelchair users


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published new guidelines on wheelchair provision. Don’t forget to address wheelchairs and stairs!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published new guidelines on wheelchair provision as it forecasts an increase in the 80m people worldwide who already need support with their mobility and movement. 

The document has prompted AAT, the stairclimber people, to support the Guidelines’ recommendation for training of users and their carers.

It’s also prompted to AAT to highlight the options for dealing with steps and stairs for wheelchair users.

“Despite the drive to make society accessible and inclusive, we don’t live in a world all on one level. With our growing population, ageing population and more people of all ages including children needing wheelchairs according to the WHO, it is a primary need that steps and stairs need to be considered, if people are to attain the full benefit of mobility a wheelchair aims to deliver.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

AAT’s innovative S-Max delivers one, safe solution.

how it works

The portable, battery-powered device can be attached to most all wheelchairs to enable the user to be safely transferred up, down stairways. There is no need to get out of their chair, and no effort for them or their carer. 

S-Max can accommodate users up to 160kg (25st), and climb or descent 300 steps from a single charge whether used indoors or outside.

For the operator, the German-engineered unit has been cleverly designed with a high tipping point, bringing stability and security.

As standard, AAT provides full operator training to LOLER criteria.

As a result even the most petite person can safely and effortlessly move any wheelchair user, from child to obese adult up, down stairs and steps.

Because S-Max is a stand-alone piece of equipment, it can be easily removed and attached (recycled, re-prescribed, re-issued) to a different wheelchair as needed. This helps fulfil best value practice.

“Kit such as S-Max enables Wheelchair Services to fully deliver on the WHO guidelines. The wheelchair is part of the solution to giving people back their mobility but any variation in level they encounter- at home or in the wider world- is a problem without some means of going up or down. For genuinely joined-up services, as per the WHO guidelines, this needs to be taken into the equation,” adds Peter Wingrave

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Full details of S-Max can be found on AAT’s website where a free, no obligation assessment can also be organised.

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