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Best value approach to hospital discharge/ bed-blocking


One of the biggest reasons for bed-blocking and delay in hospital discharge is ongoing patient need. 35% of patients require an ongoing package of care. 45% of patients are discharged with up to six weeks’ recovery support from health & social services.

AAT GB has a quick, safe answer with its range of stairclimbers.

“One of the biggest problems in getting people home, safely, is the suitability of their home if they have reduced mobility,” says AAT Director Peter Wingrave.

“They may need a wheelchair some or all of the time. How do they then access their bedroom, bathroom? The traditional route is to delay whilst an adaptation is provided. 

“Taking an innovative approach- providing a stairclimber- delivers a best value solution.

“It allows the person to be discharged with safe, appropriate means of accessing all floors of their home, on the proviso there is someone else at home to assist. A significant proportion of people only need that help for the short term.”

Answering the Government’s Hospital Discharge Service: Policy & Operating Model, a stairclimber can be provided, with appropriate training, for as short a duration as a week.

This enables the patient to be transferred throughout their home without re-arranging the whole house to provide, for example, a downstairs bed , or discharge to be delayed as there is no accessible downstairs WC, waiting for a stairlift or similar to be installed.

The German-engineered AAT S-Max stairclimber offers the greatest flexibility on the market, accommodating all shapes and sizes, from paediatric to morbidly obese (230kg) passengers.

The S-Max stairclimber can accommodate narrow and even spiral flights of stairs.

Options feature an integral seat eliminating the need for a wheelchair indoors, or can clip-fix to a wheelchair if preferred. The top-selling S-Max stairclimber is Class 1 Medical device certified.

If purchased by the local authority or NHS Trust, the stairclimber can be taken into stores when the original recipient no longer needs it, for subsequent re-issue, thereby expediting patient discharge in the longer term. AAT provides full, LOLER-accredited training for the caregiver.

Using this re-issue option, someone can be supported in their discharge for less than £1000.

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