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Innovative Support Scheme for Paediatric Posture Problems


Remedial, appropriate and correct posture support for children and young people with disabilities can be achieved quickly through an innovative initiative. 

The scheme- devised around our innovative Grande vaccuum posture cushion-has the added benefits of facilitating rapid prescription throughout the Authority’s Occupational Therapy and NHS Trust physiotherapy teams and enhancing the individual OT’s professional credentials.

It is already proving a hit with healthcare professionals, with at least five teams having signed up.

Grande posture cushion explained:

Our Grande is a unique, infinitely variable posture support mattress cushion.

Unlike any other posture support/correction system on the market, the single cushion can deliver comfortable, pressure-free stabilisation in vertical, horizontal or prone positions.

Manufactured from a high-tech neoprene material, Grande is breatheable and can be easily wiped clean. 

Via its innovative vacuum technology, the precise shape required from the Grande is fixed, within seconds- whether on a bed, sofa, chair or on the floor.

Its moulding can be carried out at home, and easily adjusted by the carer as needed.

There is none of the delay and cost involved with fixed mould systems.

It is also possible to position sensory stimulation devices beneath, enabling the user to further benefit from audio or vibratory stimulation. It can even be used for aqua therapy.

How our scheme helps:

Under the Grande Initiative, we will demonstrate the infinite variability of the equipment, to fully equip Occupational Therapists and physiotherapists in their understanding of its relevance and use.

We will fully train a nominated team member in assessment, prescription, fitting and adjustment of the kit, including pressure-mapping.

Completing the package, a Grande mattress will be loaned to the team to accelerate the assessment and delivery process.

We cut delay in support:

“We are all aware that one of the biggest problems in resolving the problems families with disabled children are facing on a daily basis is delay.

There’s the delay in arranging a mutually convenient date, time for the assessment for the family, the OT/the physio, the supplier. There’s the delay whilst the equipment is ordered and delivered. 

“As the child needs change, there’s a further delay with fixed mould systems whilst the re-assessment process takes place, a new mould financed, ordered and delivered- often, by which time, the child’s needs have changed again and/or the mould doesn’t quite fit. 

“The Grande Initiative eliminates all those issues, enabling a speedy resolution that will support the child or young person- and the team- for months or years without no additional cost.

“By equipping healthcare teams with the ability to self-prescribe, the whole process of improving daily life for a client is speeded up and simplified.

“And there is an added benefit in that, should the original child or adult receiving the Grande no longer needs it, the cushion can be re-allocated to another user who would benefit.

“Its unique construction means it is easy to sanitise and clean.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

The Grande Initiative builds on a similar scheme we have been operating successfully for more than a year with our Gravity Chair foam positioning system, for children and young people with severe and complex motor and sensory disabilities.

“Particular success has been achieved in Sefton alongside Alderhey Children’s Hospital, because of the Chair’s effectiveness, simplicity and practicality in prescription.

To arrange an initial demonstration and discuss becoming part of the Grande Initiative, contact our head office via, or telephone 01978 821875.

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