Sleep System, precisely correct shaping  and comfortable posture.

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Sleep System, vacuum posture mattress with memory foam layer and washable zip cover.


The AAT Stabilo Sleep System is a three layer system based upon the Stabilo Grande range of vacuum posture cushions and mattresses, achieved in combination with fully flexible memory foam and impermeable, breathable, anti-alergic,  washable zip cover.

  • An essential feature of this solution is it's "stretchability", both the foam layer and the cover it's-self, since the Stabilo Grande shape is changed frequently.
  • Advisable to have more than one cover since this way one can be in the wash whilst the other is in use.
  • Only one foam layer is required.
  • Cover is impermeable, breathable and anti-allergic, being a jersey cover made of 100% cotton backed with a thin layer of 100% polyurethane membrane.
  • Cover is very thin, light, and stretchy, but at the same time tough and equipped with a robust zip fastener facilitating easy and quick changing.


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