CR230 Powered Stairclimber - A Powerful Companion

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CR230 Stairclimber

CR230... Taking the strain

The mobile stair climbing aid CR230 helps you to be mobile, not only at home, but also en route.


The CR230 is a stairclimber with a foldable and integrated seat. For transportation the seat can easily fold and be stored in relatively little space.


ComfortStep is a standard component of the C230  stair climber. It works in the single step mode as well as in the regular climbing mode.


The maximum weight of a person which could lift with the CR230 amounts to 230 kg.



  • Maximum weight of the person is 230 kg.
  • Foldable, thereby space-saving storage.
  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable driving experience.
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The CR230 can handle up to 230 kg

CR230 Stairs

Technical data - CR230

Total weight approved:

268 kg

Max. weight of the person:

230 kg

Climbing speed:

continually adjustable

Steps per minute:

7 - 19

Range with one charge of the batteries:

approx. 300 steps

Max. height of step I extended:

210 I 225 mm


440 mm


725 mm


1030 mm


2 x 12 V / 5 Ah

Direct current motor:

24 V / 275 W

Weight, climbing unit:

33.5 kg

Weight, battery pack:

4.2 kg

Total weight:

37.7 kg

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