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Powered Bariatric Robot Wheelchair Stairclimber, the C-Max+ offers bed to bed transfers for bariatric or obese patients involving stairs up to 300kg (47 stone).


Powered transportation of bariatric persons up and down stairs simplified and safer for patient and staff. Sometimes it takes up to 8 people to painfully carry a patient in a carry-sling up and down stairways. In most cases this is an unpleasant experience for both, patient and personnel.



  • Narrow and spiral stairs are easily managed through advanced individually adjustable systems.
  • Versatile: With the C-Max you easily manage everyday situations. Being a push wheelchair with stair climbing function makes the C-Max the ideal device for e.g. health and driving services, the use in public places and buildings, and in nursing homes as well as in private residences.
  • Automatic safety brakes stop at each stair edge.
  • C-Max operates on all types of stair or floor coverings causing no damage whatsoever.
  • Home stairclimber solution for occupational therapy.

Technical data - C-Max+

Total weight approved:

380 kg

Max. weight of the person:

300 kg

Climbing speed:

3 - 8 steps / Minute (Continuously Adjustable)

Range with one charge of the batteries on average load of 150 kg:

300 steps

Range with one charge of the batteries on maximum load of 300 kg:

135 steps


527 mm

Depth (extended I folded foot rest):

1226 | 1079 mm

Height min. I max:

1490 | 1775 mm


2 x 12 V / 5 Ah

Direct current motor:

24 V / 275 W

Weight climbing unit:

50.2 kg

Weight seat unit:

19.8 kg

Weight handle:

4.8 kg

Weight battery pack:

4.5 kg

Total weight:

79.3 kg

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