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Super-Track Major

Super-Track Major TRE-70

Super-Track Major - Features


  • Large platform will accommodate virtually any wheelchair, including electric and sports chairs.
  • Integrated non-slip loading ramp.
  • Powerful dual motors carry up to 440lbs (200kgs).
  • Rechargeable battery and charger.
  • Operates on indoor and outdoor stairways.
  • Wide, double tracks securely grip stairs.
  • Large wheels allow easy travel across landings between stair flights.
  • Integrated tie-down straps and seatbelt hold wheelchair securely on platform.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Simple, easy to use controls.
  • Robust commercial design.


Super-Track Major - Benefits


  • Instant accessibility solution.
  • Economical compared to elevators and custom designed wheelchair lifts.
  • Requires no building renovations, no installation permits or licenses.
  • No permanent impact on stairway egress width.
  • A single unit provides access into many buildings.
  • Easily stored in a secure area when not in use.
  • Requires minimal maintenance compared to an elevator or wheelchair lift.
  • Great backup system for evacuation if power fails.
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • safe and easy for operator and passenger.


Super-Track Major TRE-70 - Features


  • 230 kg maximum load capacity – the biggest capacity for a mobile stairclimber.
  • Steady, safe and easy drive through floor, stairway and landing by the Flexible Drive Frame.
  • The Auto-leveling Platform ensures the passenger more comfortable trips.
  • A suitable climbing speed are selected automatically at any section of staircase.
  • The Powered Loading Winch and the Wider Ramps ensure more comfortable loading for both, the passenger and the operator.


Advancement to TRE-52


  • Electrical loading winch to pull the wheelchair.
  • An integrated loading ramp with non-skid surface makes wheelchair boarding easy.
  • Sensor 1 & 2: In ascending/descending, to make running speed faster/slower. In descending, at the edge of landing space, to make the rail frame bent.
  • Sensor 3: In descending, at the edge of landing space, to make the rail frame straight and to make descending speed faster.
  • Sensor 4 & 5: In ascending, to make the rail frame bent and to make ascending speed slower.


Technical data - Super-Track Major

Max Capacity:

440lbs / 200kg

Max Stair Angle:



Sealed Batteries 24 v


Automatic 115/230 vac


Fail-safe Electromagnetic


253lbs (115kgs)

Speed Pp:

21.4 ft (6.5m) / min

Speed Down:

34.7 ft (10.6m) / min

Technical data - Super-Track Major TRE-70



Measurements (L/W/H MM):

1394 x 816 x 1290




210 W rated output

Speed Upstairs:

6,06 m / min.

Speed Downstairs:

8,26 m / min.

Stair Angle:





12 V / 24 Ah

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