Stairclimbers for children…

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AAT easily transportable stairclimber systems provide full, quick release interface system compatible with most recline and tilt in space systems. Full interface with most systems to promote full and active participation with family and friends at home, school, work or out and about by enabling easy switching between wheelchair, buggy and stairclimber…

The AAT S-Max Stairclimber and AAT C-Max Stair Climber Paediatric Versions

  • More mobility and quality of life. These push wheel chairs with stair climbing function allow you to overcome virtually all obstacles at home and on the road.
  • The care attendant needs little physical power as these devices can be operated effortlessly and safely. People with reduced mobility are transported safely and comfortably up and downstairs.
  • AAT portable stairclimbers operate on stairs as well as on level ground. Removable arm rests make easy shifting from one chair to another possible. Due to their compact dimensions and fold-able foot rests, they are easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow stair cases or winding stairs.
  • S-Max and C-Max stairclimbers function on all kinds of floor coverings such as wood, stone, metal, carpet or PVC flooring.
  • These stairclimbers are easily and swiftly dismantled and transported in virtually any car – ready for use at your destination.
  • Ideal in respite circumstances.
  • AAT stairclimbers can avoid bed blocking and provide immediate care at home.

Bespoke units can be designed to suit customers own requirements.



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