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Enjoy long drives and live actively with your family – ALBER ANTRIEBSTECHNIK GmbH SOLO makes you mobile and flexible. This device does not only enrich your everyday life but it also increases your quality of life.

The SOLO’s very easy converting concept transforms your manual wheelchair into a light and versatile electrical wheelchair in no time at all.

Two high-capacity motors integrated discreetly into the wheels provide the SOLO’s power.

Since the SOLO can be adapted to almost all wheelchairs, you don’t have to do without your familiar wheelchair adjusted to you personally.

Easy operation and high versatility make the SOLO an excellent partner for you every day.


Let yourself be enthralled by the unique design that combines power and elegance.
Battery range up to 35 km
NUI - New installing and locking system for the powered wheels
Powered wheels without stud axles
Optionally with lithium ion or lead acid battery
Total weight approved
210 kg (Person, wheelchair, SOLO)
Max. weight of the person
160 kg
Possible wheel sizes
Speed forward | backward
supports up to 6 km/h | 3 km/h
Range with one charge of the batteries (2)
up to 55 km over 25 km
Braking-/climbing capacity (3)
up to 20 % (4)
Battery technology
lithium ion lead acid
28,8 V / 16 Ah 24 V / 16 Ah
Direct current motor
9.0 kg each
Weight, batteries
4.2 kg 10.0 kg
Total weight
22.9 kg 28.7 kg
(1) Please note the manufacturer’s stipulations for the maximum load.
(2) According to ISO 7176-4, the range depends on the person’s weight, the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.
(3) The Braking - / climbing capacity also depends on the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.
(4) At an approved weight of 120 kg.

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