So comfortable… Oliver fell asleep!

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So comfortable… Oliver fell asleep during the demonstration! Mum Lisa was looking for a flexible solution whereby they could seat Oliver on a sofa and to use as a sleep system for when they are on holiday. One of Oliver’s carers had seen the chilli bean at “Kidz South” and asked their private OT to make inquiries.
The Grande mattress with memory foam insert can be used as a sleep system. We first tried it on the sofa and put Oliver on it, he immediately feel asleep! Mum, the carers, and OT Sue all commented on how relaxed and comfortable Oliver looked. Everyone was truly amazed how something that felt so soft and comfortable was so supportive!
Oliver slept through the entire presentation! 🙂  Find out more about AAT’s Sleep System
Oliver having a great sleep!

Oliver fast asleep on AAT’s Grande mattress sleep system.

Contribution from Tom Littley, Our man in the Midlands.

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