The adaptable and efficient stair climber - S-Max Sella Vario

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To transport people with less mobility or in their own wheelchair is particularly challenging in many respects. In many buildings staircases have to be overcome not only in the entrance area, this is where the S-Max Sella Vario can help.


The S-Max Sella Vario was developed to overcome multiple stairway situations. With the S-Max Sella Vario it is possible to transport a person in their own wheelchair as well as a person mobility impalement without their own chair, using seating system provided. The S-Max Sella Vario can be used both inside and outdoors.


The total weight approved of the S-Max Sella Vario depends on the version in use, with the integral seat the total weight approved is 195kg, with the universal rack the weight approved is 160kg.













































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How the Sella Vario works


The operation of the S-Max Sella Vario is very easy. After a short training the operator could handle the device safely. The continually adjustable climbing speed relieves to overcome difficult staircases and enables a best adaptation to each transport situation; furthermore the standard integrated safety chip protects against unauthorised use.


Based on the universal application possibilities the S-Max Sella Vario becomes the perfect and indispensable transport solution.


  • Patients transport with integral seat.
  • Wheelchair transport with universal rack.
  • Device - 2 transport solutions.

Technical data - S-Max Sella Vario

Total weight approved with universal rack

Total weight approved with integrated seat

Range with one charge of the batteries

Weight climbing unit inc. shovels and without battery

Weight handle unit SDM7 (universal rack) with head rest

Weight handle unit inc. the seat and arm rests

Weight battery pack



225 steps





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