Sensory Feedback & Stability

Rocking Chair

Classic Rocking Chair with a twist... Chair & Posture Cushion working together... Beautifully Crafted device enabling a combination of rocking & perfect postural support and comfort...

Sensory feedback, comfort and stability solutions for people with special needs including cerebral palsy, autism and other conditions. This product is aimed at optimising relaxation, comfort and safety in the home or at school.


Rocking Chair




  • to feel secure
  • to support the arm
  • for better coordination
  • for better comfort

Works great with our

vacuum posture cushions


  • natural Complement between Chair & Vacuum Posture Cushion
  • optimum Support
  • perfect comfort

Extra Gentle Swing Motion for...


  • adults
  • elderly people
  • dementia

Comfort is directly visual


  • a quiet mind
  • a smile
  • a restricted place to be yourself

High Back


  • to rest your head
  • a comfortable seat
  • a traditional look
Rocking Chair with Posture Chair
Rocking Chair with Posture Cushion

Key Facts

Thoughts from the rocking chair designer...




"Swing" has RUST (Dutch for Peace) designed in. Easy peaceful feeling is achieved when in the chair. When a child needs a peaceful place the chair fulfils this need. Rest for young and old.




Enjoyment is important for everyone. If a person needs postural support to enjoy sitting, the combination of Swing and Vacuum Posture can provide for this need. There a several custom designs to choose from. This rocking chair is often used as an additional place for children who are wheelchair dependent. Because even though the child can sit independently in part, they can also really enjoy the rocking motion of the seat.




Every day is a day full of experiences, impressions and things that need to be processed. Both large and small. The processing of the day requires a persons own space. This rocking chair is the chair designated for everyday pleasure & enjoyment.


Own Space


"Swing" has a special visual effect on children. The rocking chair has a unique and universal appeal. First you unwind as you sit in it, on the other hand it is a private place, for example a moving classroom.


Your UNIQUE place to be every day.

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Thoughts from the rocking chair designer....


3 Well Street, Cefn Mawr

Wrexham LL14 3YD


Rocking Chair

Sensory Feedback & Stability

Rocking Chair

Sensory Feedback & Stability

Rocking Chair

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Sensory Feedback & Stability

Rocking Chair