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Not just stairclimbers... The pushing and braking of a manual wheelchair is often very strenuous for the attendant. Particularly going uphill or downhill calls for a lot of physical effort. The innovative pushing and braking aids of our Add-on Wheelchair Power Kits simultaneously support and relief for your attendant.


Discreet electric Add-on power for your manual wheelchair by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik), The Stairclimber People. lightweight, powerful and portable, fits in to the boot of any car, helps to minimise any quality of life impact through disability for the whole family.


AAT provide the new generation of Add-on Power Units for your manual wheelchair. Max 2, Max-e, Movilino, Servo, Solo, V-Max, V-Max+





















































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Add-on Power Units for your wheelchair




Want to find out more about how Add-on manual wheelchair power units and how kits work? We have an innovative and adaptive product range developed with your needs in mind.


Our Add-on manual wheelchair power units are lightweight and small enough to be stowed away easily, most will even fit in the boot of a car!


Lithium-ion battery technology provides good range even on challenging surfaces coupled with fast charging cycles. Vehicle chargers are available.



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