IndeeLift MODEL HFL-400


Model HFL-400 can lift max 200 kg, and is thought to be used in nursing homes and residences where you want a slightly more powerful model than the HFL-300. Today, the slightly larger cranes are typically used, where 2 assistants lift the resident up from the floor in a bag and, for example, back to bed.

With an IndeeLift, a single assistant can complete the task relatively easily and quickly, while the other assistant is freed up for other tasks. Once the lift is charged, you can use it wirelessly for a long time without a cord.

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IndeeLift is a self-developed series of passenger lifts, intended for lifting people from the floor and up to standing height. From January 2021, 3 different lifts will be marketed for 150 kg / 200 kg / 250 kg respectively. The lift should help the elderly in their own home if they have problems falling and getting up to stand up again. With a lift available, they do not need outside help so municipalities can save on SUSU assistance. The slightly larger and more powerful models are intended for professional use and the largest can be used by rescue services for patient transports.


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