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Posture Cushions - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Question

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How do I remove the air? When does the cushion get hard and when soft? How and why?

Changing the hardness of the pillow means removing some of the air from it. The special pump sucks out the air and the cushion becomes harder. You can change both the shape and the hardness of the cushion. To do this you can use the special manual or electric pump. After screwing the hose on to the pillow valve, the pillow will soften, and when pumping the pump it will harden. After shaping, you should unscrew the pump and protect the valve with the cap.

What is the difference between the various types and sizes of products?

Base is a cushion for sitting or filling an empty space. Elite is a comfortable and breathable cushion for sitting; it gives a feeling of softness while maintaining stability, and decreases the risk of bedsores. Comfortable is a support that adapts to the deformation of the back and maintains the pelvis in the correct position. Comfortable Plus is a corset support surrounding the torso under the armpits and with a headrest as standard. It stabilises perfectly in cases of scoliosis or laxity of the torso. It is a good complement for slender children in a wheelchair. Comfortable Plus Duo is a comprehensive seating system. It can be used as an insert in a wheelchair, to seat a child on a chair, sofa, or large armchair, or finally for stabilisation in the car. It’s a universal product.

How do I mount STABILO products in wheelchairs, seats and cars?

In deep wheelchairs, Stabilo is snap-on. In sports wheelchairs it is possible to attach Velcro for attachment. For seating positions, where necessary non-slip mats should be used.

How can I measure and adjust the size?

When selecting the size for the width of the wheelchair, for example, 40, a Stabilo of width 40 should be selected. Thanks to its flexibility, a support with width 35 can be used for a wheelchair of width 30-38. It is important that, if the thickness of the support is 6cm, the length of the seat decreases by 6cm when the Stabilo support is used. It is assumed that if for a child the ideal is a wheelchair with width 40, with the Stabilo it should be 5 cm larger and deeper. It is best when there is the opportunity to try several sizes and types of Stabilo. In the Comfortable Plus, it is essential to give the dimension C, measured round the patient’s torso. (dimension C – indicated in the price list)

Why shouldn’t I re-work STABILO products?

The production technology makes subsequent alteration impossible, so there is nothing to improve. However, you can order your cushion to individual dimensions. The best way is to measure a typical cushion and describe the differences in your order (e.g. Comfortable Plus size L higher by 9 cm). The price for custom cushions is 20% higher than standard.

How do I select STABILO products, depending on the type of wheelchair or seat?

Cushions are selected based on the condition and the wheelchair. In sports wheelchairs, most applicable are the Base or comfortable Elite seats and Comfortable backrest. They provide a comfortable seat in conjunction with a stabilising back adjusted to the deformation of the torso. Using a Stabilo backrest higher than the back of the wheelchair doesn’t provide adequate stiffness, so then you need a supplementary seat back or headrest. In deep wheelchairs, most commonly a corset stabilising support is used to decrease the risk of extending the deformation of the torso. A supplement to this is the Comfortable Plus Duo, where, in addition, there is the option to correct the position of the pelvis and legs.

When should I use a Stabilo mattress?

Mattresses are mainly used to position the patient in the required pose, with modelled angles and rollers, etc. An interesting application is to adjust the mattress to a very deformed silhouette, which enables people with severe hunching to lie flat on their back. Another use is the winding of children’s with autism spectrum disorders or neonates. They serve not only the role of comfortable anti-bedsore mattresses for sleeping, but also serve to stabilise!

How does ambient temperature affect the hardness of STABILO products?

Due to the expansion of the air with an increase in temperature, you may notice in Stabilo changes in hardness accompanying changes in temperature, hardness (↑ºC cushion softens, ↓ºC cushion hardens) . This change is minimal but noticeable, for example, when a Stabilo product is placed into a heated car. In this situation, you should remove air to harden the cushion and check the hardness when the temperature is lower.

How long will the hardness last (vacuum)?

After removing air, the cushion should retain its hardness for three weeks. This is not a rule, clearly, and it depends on how you use the cushion. Unused (lying on a shelf), the hardness does not change over several months. With many spasms, or frequent changes of pressure and shape, air may need removing more frequently. It is recommended that the pump was always at hand, fastened to the frame of the wheelchair. If a hardened cushion doesn’t maintain its hardness for 24 hours, it needs to be repaired.

Influence of thickness on stiffness.

The cushion can be modelled by moving the granulate and changing its thickness. However, remember that with a thickness of less than 2 cm rigidity significantly decreases, even with strong vacuuming by the pump.

How should I wash and disinfect products? Types of cleaning products.

The cushion is made of synthetic rubber that is covered with a pure nylon cloth. This design allows for easy cleaning. It can be washed under running water or a shower using washing-up liquid or spirit and non-spirit based disinfectants commonly used in hospitals. After drying with paper towels, for example, the cushion is almost dry and ready for use.

Why, despite the sealing of air, is there no excessive heat and perspiration?

The cushion cover and the granules used inside it are good insulators, and so they provide good insulation from both cold and hot air. Perspiration may occur, but no more than in a normal wheelchair.

Certificates, approvals and allergenic tests.

The material is approved by the manufacturer. No harmful interactions have been found with the skin, including sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions.

Price comparison

According to customer opinion, the prices of Stabilo products are high, but worth the price. Compared to similar German products, they are 3 times cheaper.

Sales at home and abroad

Since sales began in 2008, over 4000 cushions have been sold, 1,500 of these in Poland. (data as at 01.05.2011)


Unreliability is estimated at 0.1% or 1 in 1000 cushions; around 10 have been returned (data as at 01.05.2011). Since production began, many improvements have been made to Stabilo’s durability and reliability.

Mounting STABILO products in the car

Stabilo is not an independent car seat, but is ideal for stability and maintaining a proper seating position in the car, especially for large people for whom there are no market validations for automotive seats. In addition, the side pelottes and the head restraint increase safety during any collision. It is essential to strap in your child with safety belts!!! Regulations exempt products used for improving the restraint of people with disabilities from the necessity of attestation.

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