Paediatric Powered Mobility Stairclimbers

Paediatric Stairclimbers

Our S-Max and Sella particularly are great for small people, with the in-built ability to be accessorised to accommodate them as they grow, needs change.

See the Universal Back
Easy to operate, safe to transfer
Can accommodate all staircase configurations
Free training for up to four people as standard
Many of our younger clients just can’t get enough of their stairclimbers! Check out Cecila Cann’s story.
Why we're #1
FREE Professional onsite assessment - with risk assessment - (face-to-face or over the Internet)
FREE Training as standard
Guaranteed buy-back
Certainty of re-issue
Huge range of unique vital accessories
Safety built in
Decades of expertise and experience
UK wide coverage and support
Thousands in use
Impeccable safety record
Optimised flexibility by design
Teenager Katie Harries has now been using her AAT stairclimber with Universal Back daily, for years. Find out how and why.
Our unique Universal Back is perfect for paediatric prescription:
Modular system that can be precisely tailored and adjusted to each specific need
Separate and independent supports for each part of the body, and limb: flat or curved headrest, throracic, thighs, ankles
cost, effectively, individual components can be replaced to accommodate change of shape, size
Mechanically secured to the stairclimber for optimal security and stability (no risk of straps coming undone, Velcro separating….)
Optional harnessing, lap straps available with integral, ready-made fixing points
Compatible with our range of vacuum posture cushions
If you’d like to know more about the fine detail of how we assess and specify the Universal Back, our Technical Director Gareth brown explains it all here

We can't wait to show you our kit in action!


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Our staff will take you through application and training requirements. 
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