One happy daughter, two happy parents.

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We were contacted by an OT in Doncaster one friday afternoon to see if we could help out in an emergency for a family who’s teenage daughter’s old through floor lift had broken down yet again and been condemned by the engineer. They had already decided to replace it with a stairlift as they were fed up with the large amount of lost space in their house. the stairlift was due to be installed in two to three weeks time, leaving them with no solution to getting their daughter up to her room and the bathroom.

We were able to hire them an S-Max Sella that evening which worked well on their complicated staircase which had two small 90 degree landings as well as a curved section.

Their OT rang them on the following Monday to see how things went and was very surprised with the response. They asked her to cancel the stairlift installation and provide them with a Stairclimber for  long term use instead.

They justified it by explaining how it was a far better solution for them as they could use it as a wheelchair when upstairs as well as down, taking away the need for a second one upstairs. No need to transfer her at the top of the stairs, nothing blocking up their stairs and the ability to easily dismantle the stairclimber so they could transport it with them when going on holiday and visiting relatives, which had always been difficult. …in their words ‘One happy daughter, two happy parents’.

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