New: the dignified “people picker upper”

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Helping people after they have fallen is being given a new, safer solution- for everyone involved in the post fall pathway.

We’ve launched Indeelift, a mobile platform “people picker upper” aka fall recovery system.

The rechargeable battery-powered lift eliminates all the problems trying to get a conventional hoist with sling or inflatable cushions system into place. 

Based around a steel platform, the Indeelift is simply slid into position for it to lift, gently and smoothly, the fallen person from floor to standing.

The lift’s design coupled with integrated rise assist handles and safety belts optimise stability during the process. A range of versions enable even morbidly obese (up to 250kg/39st) to be lifted to their feet safely and with dignity.

“Each care home experiences an average of at least three falls/month(1). The Care Inspectorate advises as good practice the use of lifting equipment to optimise the safety of residents when they have fallen, in appropriate circumstances(2), as part of the post fall pathway procedure.

“On average, 1/4m people are hospitalised as a result of a fall at home every year (Age UK).

““Indeelift brings a new, dignified approach to that safe transfer. It is probably the least invasive recovery solution, and offers the least possible risk, for the fallen person- and care staff.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

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