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Multifunctional Vario

Powered Mobility & Cargo Stairclimber

Stairclimber built to handle both people and cargo...

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Multifunctional Vario, Stairclimber

Stairway management for organisations including hotels and boarding houses without elevators. For people with a walking disability stairs are a great obstacle that must be conquered. Also transporting loads such as suitcases or laundry containers over stairs is a challenge. Hotels, nursing homes and guest houses require access to rooms for guests. This is precisely the point where the Vario-Max comes in. As a stair climber for persons or loads, on stairs as well as on even ground, the Vario-Max is your solution for transportation. Its low weight and easy handling make the Vario-Max a transportation aid you don’t want to do without anymore.

Universal Back

The revolutionary new Universal Back designed specifically to work with AAT Stairclimbers ads a new level of support where required. The optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards ensuring safe and dignified transit up and down stairs.

Key benefits include:
Adjustable width and height lateral supports (even asymmetric trunk support)
Head support for taller passengers
Optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards
Adjustable Seat Depth
Optional thigh support panels prevent legs slipping off the sides of the seat
Easy to swap over from standard seat back, using existing seat mounting points
*Compatibility with certain stabilo products designed to work with wheelchairs, please ask during your assessment. 

Key Facts

Transportation of persons up to 160kg.
Transportation of goods up to 170kg.
Can also be used as a stairclimbing wheelchair.
No damage of the load nor the edges of steps.
Narrow stairs and spirals, no problem!
Stairclimber can be used on virtually all types of stair coverings.
Automatic braking function when climbing downstairs.
Single step mode.
Failsafe tyres.
Includes full belt safety harness.

Multifunctional Vario by AATGB

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