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vario max multifunctional

Stairway management for organisations including hotels and boarding houses without elevators. For people with a walking disability stairs are a great obstacle that must be conquered. Also transporting loads such as suitcases or laundry containers over stairs is a challenge.


Hotels, nursing homes and guest houses require access to rooms for guests.


This is precisely the point where the Vario-Max comes in. As a stair climber for persons or loads, on stairs as well as on even ground, the Vario-Max is your solution for transportation. Its low weight and easy handling make the Vario-Max a transportation aid you don’t want to do without anymore.

The AAT C-Max Vario provides:


  • Transportation of persons up to 160kg.
  • Transportation of goods up to 170kg.
  • Can also be used as a stairclimbing wheelchair.
  • No damage of the load nor the edges of steps.
  • Narrow stairs and spirals, no problem!
  • Stairclimber can be used on virtually all types of stair coverings.
  • Automatic braking function when climbing downstairs.
  • Single step mode.
  • Failsafe tyres.
  • Includes full belt safety harness.

Reduce health risks & control costs.

Vario-Max takes over your heavy jobs.



Technical data - Vario-Max

Maximum Load (goods):

Maximum Load (persons):

Climbing Speed:

Rechargeable Batteries:

Capacity with one Battery Charge:

Height of Step:

Weight of Battery Pack:

Weight of Seat:

Weight of Power Unit:

Total Weight:

10 - 25

8 - 23 (continually adjustable)




21 cm | 22,5cm (extended)

2 x 12V / 5 Ah



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