Multi-functional postural support a “game changer”

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extract from The OT Magazine

Aqua Liberty – a revolution for supported bathing, but so much more, claims AAT.

The clinical case for bathing support is established and proven; hitherto there has been no complete solution to cover all ages and all disabilities.

No longer is that a problem. Developed in partnership with OTs and their clients, the Aqua Liberty(1) system provides the widest possible scope for OTs to prescribe a single, easily managed and wholly adaptable system to support head, trunk, pelvis and limbs correctly in the baht- and beyond. An added bonus is that it can be re-issued time and again, meeting the needs of  multiple potential users.

Aqua Liberty is the first, and only, bath system that utilises innovative vacuum beanbag technology to precisely mould without pressure to any bath, and any user, regardless of their size, shape, muscle tone and symmetry.

Whilst its primary function is to provide safe yet comfortable postural support in the bath, with minimal intervention from the carer, innovatively, it brings multi-functional benefits to daily life.

Uniquely, the vacuum cushions can be removed from the Aqua Liberty base for employment wherever else the client needs postural support- in a wheelchair, chair, car seat….

Whether on the Aqua Liberty system or beyond, each cushion can be exactly moulded as needed- by the carer (with little effort and appropriate training)- for asymmetrical support, abduction and stabilisation. Thus even small changes to the client’s needs can be accommodated without expensive or lengthy re-moulding.

It means the client can relax and enjoy their bath, being comfortably supported without intervention from their carer. In the process it makes the experience more relaxing and less stressful for the carer too.

The advanced neoprene covering of the cushions provides further sensory positive stimulation, and means that the cushions air dry quickly and can be wiped clean to COVID-safe standards.

The Aqua Liberty system is quick and easy to attach to the bath in exactly the position needed. Its design allows rapid removal for other members of the household to still enjoy a hydrotherapy and hygiene benefits of a bath. The Aqua Liberty base rolls up into a compact tube, minimising storage space.

“Bath time should be at very least a pleasant experience,” says AAT’s Peter Wingrave. “Aqua Liberty makes prescription easy: the only consideration is the choice of cushion, improving the scope o options for the OT, client and carer.”

AAT is so confident of the value that the British conceived, designed and developed Aqua Liberty brings, it is offering free assessment and free trail of the system. This can be arranged by:

telephoning 01978 821875


or online:

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