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Add-on Power for your wheelchair

Energetically and dynamically en route... In Addition to its great range the Movilino also stands out because of its Adjustable control grip, which assures the attendant’s comfortable and back-friendly posture. This makes the Movilino your ideal partner for joint excursions.

Movilino, Add-on Power for your wheelchair

The innovative pushing and braking aid for your wheelchair.

The pushing and braking of a wheelchair is often very strenuous for the attendant. Particularly going uphill or downhill calls for a lot of physical effort. The innovative pushing and braking aid Movilino is simultaneously support and relief for your attendant.
Efficient transmission of power by a direct drive.
Compatible with virtually all wheelchairs at a seat width of 28 cm and above.
Lightweight of 8.9 kg.
Easy attachment of the power drive to the wheelchair.
Suitable for a maximum approved total weight of 200 kg (person, wheelchair and Max-e)

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