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Pushing and Breaking Aid for your Wheelchair

Small, manoeuvrable, lightweight, highly portable and unobtrusive add-on power, that’s Max-e!

Max-e, Add-On Power

Max-e add-on power unit by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik) transforms your manual wheelchair easily and quickly into a light, manoeuvrable and fully-fledged powered wheelchair, while all the Advantages of a manual wheelchair remain the same.

Max-e electric add-on power provides the user with outstanding driving attributes and low net weight.

Attach or unhinge the Max-e to or from the wheelchair with ease, only three components need to be removed and then your wheelchair can be folded as required. The power supply is provided by batteries located under the wheelchair’s seat.

The connection between the control unit and the power unit happens either wirelessly or by cable. The control unit can be programmed to suit the passenger and may be attached on either the right or the hand left side, it may also be attached directly to the wheelchair.
Efficient transmission of power by a direct drive.
Compatible with virtually all wheelchairs at a seat width of 28 cm and above.
Lightweight of 8.9 kg.
Easy attachment of the power drive to the wheelchair.
Suitable for a maximum approved total weight of 200 kg (person, wheelchair and Max-e)

Max-e Add-on Wheelchair Power by AATGB

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