• “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana.
  • “The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family. This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life.”
  • “We love the Gravity Chair! Stanley is so comfortable in it that he hasn’t sat in any other chair since. He feels safe and supported.”
  • “Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content.”
How to improve posture support
Every parent wants the best for their child, for their child to get the most out of life. Chilli bean gives them a big blue hug!
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Angela May

How to improve posture support

Every parent wants the best for their child, to do everything in their power for their child to get the most out of life.  When your child has complex needs, even a simple thing like a hug, watching TV mean a lot.

Key is your child’s ability to relax. That comes down to their seating, particularly an alternative to the rigidity, structure and confines of their wheelchair.

A unique concept, vacuum posture cushion seating- Chilli Bean- delivers a raft of benefits. The concept is based around a mouldable seat, a bean bag.

Chilli bean posture cushion being re-shaped
Chilli Bean is easy to re-mould and re-shape as needed, at home, at no cost

Chilli Bean gives a big blue hug!

The application of vacuum technology enables the shape of the seat to be precisely and minutely fixed for your child. Once the required moulding is created, a pump removes the air between the beans, in effect locking them into position.

What makes it unique is that the shaping can be infinitely adjusted- at home, by you and the care team. No need to wait for re-assessment, new moulds to be made…your child’s comfort is continued and continuous. So the mould can be finitely adjusted according to daily requirements and/or as your child grows.

so many benefits in 24 hour care...

The bean bag design means the seat moulds around your child. They are sat in it rather than on it. It hugs them. This imparts spatial awareness and a feeling of security. This soothes anxiety and encourages social interaction. 

Your child is comfortable, which helps reduce involuntary spasm, hypertension, extension restlessness, agitation, spasticity, dystonia. Comfort aids relaxation.

As you can precisely mould the seat to your child, you can ensure correct joint alignment. This has positive outcomes for secondary contractures, joint trauma and fatigue.

Because the seat can be precisely contoured to your child, and adjusted quickly and easily, it reduces the risk of pressure sores. 

The construction also means it can transmit vibration. Pop a sound box underneath, and the cushion becomes a sensory aid. The choice of music and rhythm can influence your child’s activity and mood.

Made from an advanced neoprene, the cushion is breathable and wipeable, helping ensure continued comfort.

Jodie's story:

Jodie Bostock is one mum who has seen the benefits. 

Her son Daniel was brain injured at birth.  He requires round-the-clock care support for his condition: he has Cerebral Palsy and a gastrostomy, his back arches, his legs do not bend but his body exerts strong movement and his muscle pattern changes through the day.

The family’s OT suggested a Chilli Bean vacuum mouldable positioning system. 

“It’s an amazing piece of kit. It’s the one piece of equipment Daniel has that really added value to his and our lives,” comments Daniels’ mum Jodie.

“It has had such a positive impact on the whole family, it gives us such freedom. We know Daniel is correctly and safely supported without restraint, we can adjust it ourselves as he needs. Because it’s basically a lightweight bean bag, we can move it round the house wherever we need, even into the garden. We can even have family movie nights: his brother will sit on the floor next to Daniel.”

And those all make your life better, and family life better.

Find out more here:https://www.aatgb.com/chilli-bean/

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