How an automatic cushion is making life an uplifting experience

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The impact of age and arthritis has meant that even the most basic of activities of daily living- getting up and down from the chair- is a problem for 98 years-old Dennis Wingrave.

But that has all changed, after his son Peter came across a motorised, portable air vacuum cushion- Sit n Stand by AAT- and gave it to his father. Now Dennis can sit, and stand, safely and easily, without support, in any chair or sofa he fancies. As a result, he reports he is being more active, doing more in a day, and feeling less tired.

At the push of a button, the rechargeable battery-powered cushion triggers and inflates or deflates to smoothly “tilt in space” raise, or lower, the user up from or onto the seat in seconds without disturbing their balance.

With its integrated soft self-shaping back, Sit n Stand can be safely used with any domestic seat with a back, without any need for fixing.

How it differs from conventional riser recliners is that Sit n Stand, being completely portable and lightweight, can be easily moved to whichever chair or settee the user wants to occupy. The cycle pattern means that, having helped the user up from one seat, the cushion is in the correct position to lower them back down onto that seat- or wherever they have chosen to move it to.

 The cover is washable too.

The battery is capable of delivering up to 90 inflated rounds from one charge- sufficient for a week of typical use, and recharges within six hours.

“I had bought a conventional riser recliner years ago, for me and my late wife, but found it uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time, so it wasn’t being used,” explained Dennis. “I have arthritis of the spine, so sitting for any length of time can be painful, and I find it hard to get up on my own. This is much more comfortable and so easy to use.

“It means I can live life more normally, independently, and use my home as I want. It’s lightweight so is easy for me to carry and move to wherever I want to sit. I can even take it out with me when we can visit friends and family, an know I can still sit wherever I want and be able to get up without someone having to help me.

“It takes less effort to get up, so I am more active in the day. I get more done, and feel less tired.  I wouldn’t be without it, it’s one of the best devices I’ve come across.”

Find out more about Sit n Stand, and see it in action here:

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