“safe space” postural seating for special needs: Gravity Chair

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The physical and mental health benefits of correct, safe and independently-supported seating are widely acknowledged. The Gravity Chair Positioning System provides “safe space” postural seating for special needs.

It has been scientifically designed to positively harness the natural forces of gravity, providing a stable, supported environment. 

Gravity Chair postural seating

How does it work to deliver postural seating support?

The deep, inclined seat provides a low centre of gravity to naturally encourage a stable seating position.

High arm rests support the elbows forward helping reduce muscle tension in the shoulders and enabling fine motor control activities.

Snug lateral supports help maintain seated symmetry.

The structure of the seat allows muscle contortion to be accommodated without putting the occupant at risk.

It helps alleviate discomfort from spasm and involuntary movement. This provides a safe and non-restrictive seating option to ease deformities and contractures.  

An optional tilt wedge can finitely adjust inclination of the Chair to individual user needs.

It creates a feeling of security.

“It might look like a simple chair, but it is so much more!

Time and again, when supporting healthcare professionals in assessments we have seen the Gravity Chair deliver significant improvement in children and adults with motor and/or sensory disabilities.

“It enables them to sit comfortably, and feel safe and secure.”

Peter Wingrave AAT Director

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