Gravity Chair… looks like a simple chair, but is much more…

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The AAT Gravity Chair is a foam positioning system…


The AAT Gravity Chair looks like a simple chair, but is much more. The AAT Gravity Chair is a foam positioning system, fitting well to every body. Since the centre of gravity of the user is very low, the seating position becomes much more stable, which is additionally supported by the tight lateral support and the high arm rests. The high position of the arm rests also effectuates free breathing which raises blood oxygen.

The position of the head and the body can be stabilised very easily by the triangle mat. Simply tilt the AAT Gravity Chair by lying the triangle may underneath from the front, the back or even sideways, for scoliosis patients, for example.



The twenty years experience of the AAT Gravity Chair gave many positive results about combining the use of gravity and the tight lateral support:

  • Patients who were just able to lay, learned step by step to sit in the AAT Gravity Chair.
  • During spastic attacks the AAT Gravity Chair follows the tension. After the attack and weakening of the muscles, gravity and the AAT Gravity Chair leads the user back to the starting position.
  • Patients with perception deficit or ADHD get close body contact in the AAT Gravity Chair, which raises the self perception and environment perception. This again helps the user to calm down and supports self discovery. The AAT Gravity Chair can create an optimal basic position for occupational therapy or logopaedia.
  • Individuals seat shells or therapy systems often lead the patient exactly to an optimum sitting position. But this very often goes along with tension. Here the AAT Gravity Chair can follow the principle “Tension and Relaxation”. This on the one hand reduces the monotony of sitting, but on the other hand serves the therapeutical aim by stable positioning. This ability may offer an optimal solution for everyday situations, like relocation of the patient. Find out more


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