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Grande Armadillo

Vacuum Posture Cushion & Body Thermo Regulator

Grande, the alternating pressure technology gives the best results in bed sores prevention by AAT. Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions
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Why the Stabilo Grande Armadillo? Parents or carers often use the Stabilo Grande mattress for long-term lying or even sleeping. Unfortunately lying in the same body position for many hours on the mattress can become uncomfortable, since a good support equals a hard surface - resulting in the possible development of bed sores. That is the reason for which we designed a new pressure-relief comfortable mattress. The Grande Armadillo.

How the Grande Armadillo works: The alternating pressure technology gives the best results in bed sores prevention. It allows for shifting supporting areas and pressure level. The pump inflates and deflates the air – the supporting areas change all the time and as a result bed sores don’t occur. Choose between soft and hard versions – even when the bubbles are hard, a person lays on a big surface in comfort. The body is continuously and regularly massaged. The temperature on the surface of the mattress equals room temperature. So instead of 36.6 °C (body temperature) we can achieve ap. 23 °C which also helps to protect against the development of bed sores.

Pressure reduction and relief of sensitive areas
The user is wrapped up with a bigger surface of the mattress so the body weight is distributed across a larger area
Support in proper blood circulation
The pump inflates and deflates the chambers of the mattress which helps to aid blood circulation
Provision of comfort
The insert favours an optimal body posture. It also has mechano-therapeutic effects thanks to body massaging - reducing painful muscle tone, joints stiffness and pain
Excessive body temperature results in increased body moisture and this is a dangerous risk factor for developing bed sores
The system pumps air at room temperature through the mattress. This air absorbs heat from user’s body and then the silent pump removes it off the mattress. The skin temperature is then maintained at low level, protecting the skin from sweating and maceration
Regular manual change of patient’s body position is now not necessary
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