Focus on Chilli Bean- the ultimate paediatric seat

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Infinitely adjustable, infinitely variable, at home, at no cost, in seconds….

For anyone involved in the care of children with complex needs and muscle weakness or asymmetry, it is a constant problem to ensure they are always correctly positioned, stabilised, supported and abducted.

Our innovative Chilli Bean instantly removes those concerns. It balances posture AND function.

adjusted within seconds, at home, at no cost

Utilising pioneering vacuum technology, it is easily infinitely adjusted and re-moulded- at home, by the care giver.

Whether a minute adjustment to optimise pressure-free comfort and support, or a complete re-shape, the alteration can be executed within seconds, and at no cost.

Chilli Bean is a waterproof, wipe-clean, breatheable bean bag. Using the vacuum process to extract the air from the bag, the beans are fixed into the exact shape required.

The process allows for detail formation of pommels or lateral wings whilst giving all the security, stabilisation and comfort needed without restraint.

It therefore provides an ideal solution for seating, plus a secure base for physiotherapy.

Because we fully train the carer in the re-shaping process, there is no need for the child to be put through the discomfort and delay waiting for a fresh assessment, casting for a fixed mould system, and the ensuring time waiting for that re-shaped mould to be produced and delivered (often only to find in the intervening period, the exact dimensions have changed again so it still does not fit comfortably and correctly).

adding value…

A pressure-mapping service further ensures the Chilli Bean is validated to ensure the support is constant across the body, with no points to cause sores.

Chilli Bean’s neoprene surface provides sensory stimulation. It’s also easy to place additional sensory devices below to provide vibration or sound.

As Chilli Bean can be wiped clean, it can be taken into equipment stores if/when no longer needed, and re-issued, thereby delivering further positive amortisation and optimisation of care budgets.

“Chilli Bean is a revolution in postural support systems. Anyone who works with children and adults with physical limitations knows that what suits in terms of positioning one day may not work the next. Yet fixed mould alternatives can take weeks, if not months, to be adjusted.The infinite, at home variability of Chilli Bean makes it an appropriate, reasonable proposition for any healthcare professional needing postural seating for clients with physical or mental disabilities.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

“It’s an amazing piece of kit. It’s the one piece of equipment Daniel has that really added value to his and our lives. It has had such a positive impact on the whole family, it gives us such freedom. We know Daniel is correctly and safely supported without restraint, we can adjust it ourselves as he needs.”

Jodie Bostock, whose son Daniel has a Chilli Bean

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