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If you have limited mobility or complex care needs and can't get comfortable in bed, or you care for a child or adult who you can't get comfortable - then the Comfier™ could help you or the person you care for regain independence and control - and get a better nights sleep.


What is it?

The Comfier™ is a new generation of user controlled sleep system.


It is a set of large inflatable tubes that can be individually inflated or deflated by you or your carer until you are in a comfortable position. Tubes can also be moved so that you have support exactly where and when you want it. It can be used with or without an overlay - and the overlay, if you do choose to use one, can be whatever you are comfortable on. The Comfier™ is designed so that it can be set up to suit the specific needs of anyone from a child, to an adult.


Why is  the Comfier™ different to other mattresses or sleep systems?

Because you will have complete independence and control over your own comfort.


This means the Comfier™ won't move unless you want it to - unlike some dynamic mattresses which will move when they want. You can also decide exactly how soft or hard the support under any part of your body is at any time - unlike some static mattresses or sleep systems which you can't adjust the firmness of.

















If you can press and hold a button on a TV remote then you can control the Comfier™ using its own easy to use remote control handset. If you don't have the use of your hands then you can control the Comfier™ using a range of buttons or switches triggered in other ways, or with your eyes using a retinal scanning/eye gaze system.


And if you are the carer for someone who for whatever reason can't control the Comfier™ themselves - then you can do it for them using the remote control handset.


















































Hear from people who use the Comfier™ how it has changed their lives for the better.











































































Comfier Controller

Alex and Sarah


  • Alex is sleeping better.
  • Sarah is sleeping better.
  • Alex is having less seizures.
  • Alex is more relaxed in physio sessions.



  • Alan has regained independence and control of his comfort in bed.
  • Alan no longer needs carer visits in the night to turn him.
  • Alan is sleeping better and for longer than he ever has.

Who can use a Comfier™?

The Comfier™ is suitable for children, young adults and adults.*


The maximum user weight for a standard Comfier™ is 160 kg (approx 25 stone) subject to what the Comfier™ is installed on.

What type of bed can the

Comfier™ be used on?

The Comfier™ can be installed on;*


Single Profiling Bed - community or acute

Single Divan or other bed frame

One half of a king size bed (or larger) - Divan or other bed frame

Paediatric Profiling Bed


..........or the floor.

How big is the Comfier™?

A standard Comfier™ is approximately 95 cm wide x 195 cm long, and when fully inflated up to 19 cm deep. Tubes can be removed and used elsewhere for support so this is the nominal width and length.


You then have a Pump which is approximately 18 cm wide x 20 cm long and 19 cm high. There is a Pump Control Box wired to the Pump which is 8 cm wide x 11 cm long x 7 cm high.


The Pump connects to the Control Box with a mains lead and a low pressure air tube. The Control Box is 62 cm wide x 46 cm long and 14 cm deep. It can be laid flat on the floor, or on its side using an optional stand.


The Remote Control is 15 cm long x 6 cm wide x 2 cm high.

How much does the

Comfier™ weigh?

Comfier™ in its PU (Polyurethane) cover with 10 tubes  - 9kg


Pump with Pump Control Box, cable and tube - 6.5kg


Control Box with stand - 12.5kg


Remote Control - 0.11kg


Total weight - 29kg

Rounded up to nearest kg and not including packaging.

What power supply does the

Comfier™ need?

The Comfier™ requires a 240v AC mains supply and has a UK 3-pin mains plug fitted as standard.


However, other supply types and plugs for EU and overseas can be provided upon request.


An important safety feature of the Comfier™ is when it is installed correctly there is no direct electrical connection to the user.

How easy is the Comfier™

to keep clean?

The Comfier™ is supplied with a removable fabric backed PU (Polyurethane) stretch cover, which has a flap over the zip to protect it from spillages. It is easy to wipe (spot clean) or it can be machine washed if required. Each of the tubes inside the cover are removable and can also be cleaned.

Does the Comfier™

have a warranty?

Yes - The Comfier™ is supplied with a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Is the Comfier™ a

medical device?

Yes - it is a Class 1 medical device and CE marked accordingly.

It has been specifically designed specifically, and solely to meet the needs of people with one or more disabilities.


The Comfier™ has been designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with European Directive 93/42/EEC, and meets the Essential Requirements (ER’s) in Annex I of the Directive which apply to it.

* Subject to relevant assessments.

Comfier transfered lives.
Comfier helps MND sufferer.
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