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S-Max Stairclimber Aviation Galway

S-Max Aviation

Amazon Aircraft Version - S-Max

S-Max Aviation Departure

AAT S-Max Amazon stairclimber will function perfectly on virtually all commercial aircraft...

Passengers with reduced mobility


Amazon will function perfectly on virtually all commercial aircraft.


Designed & developed in the UK this stairclimber is a specific, compact machine for the aviation industry and was originally developed for the regional aircraft market, to protect staff from musculoskeletal strains associated with heavy and awkward lifting.


The S-Max stairclimber will provide comfort, dignity and safety for your passengers, transferring them from inside the terminal to their designated seat on the aircraft. (see movies below for working example)

See also our new S-Max Amazon Fold-able Version.


See also Amazon-Perimeter-Wings-NovDec09.pdf 930 KB (pdf download)

Singapore Airline chooses S-Max Aviation

for A380 Airbus

The AAT S-Max Amazon powered, portable push wheelchair is now in service in all major and most regional UK airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Stanstead, Exeter, Norwich, Belfast, Aberdeen and Highlands & Islands, as well as in Eastern Europe, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, West Indies, Scandinavia, Ireland, Far East and Africa.


Passengers with Reduced Mobility are easily managed by this lo-cost solution which includes training for personnel (UK mainland). We are happy to train trainers if this would be more beneficial to you.


C-Max Aviation Version developed for wide bodied aircraft. Also available our new S-Max Amazon Folding Version.

S-Max Aviation Version
Aircraft Wheelchair Access
S-Max Sella Aviation Version

AAT S-Max Aviation advantages for your mobility management:


  • Safely and effectively transports PRM up and down stairs in a dignified manner.
  • S-Max Aviation Version is powered by battery so the operator uses little physical effort to handle the stairclimber.
  • Extremely rapid to deploy.
  • Variable speed control to provide maximum safety and comfort at all times.
  • This stairclimber's incorporates a unique mechanism to facilitate small turning circles within aircraft.
  • Delivers PRM all the way to their seat on-board the aircraft.
  • Minimal transfers, maximum dignity and comfort at optimum health and safety levels for your staff.

AAT Posture Cushions in Flight:


The AAT Comfortable Duo Plus on board this Aircraft provides Colin with a safe and comfortable flight whilst being quickly setup and dismantled. AAT posture cushions are Aviation Approved.


  • Tested to handle the trip.
  • Precisely mould-able to fit.
  • Can be re-moulded in flight if required.
  • Fully Aviation Approved.

See also the Air+Chair, the onboard aircraft transit chair

What is it?


The Air+Chair is a specially designed on-board transit chair for use on aircraft to facilitate the movement of passengers with reduced mobility along narrow aisles and confined spaces. The folded design allows the Air+Chair to be manoeuvred on its own castor wheels without the need for lifting.


  • Lightweight
  • Narrow Design
  • For use on Air, Sea, and Rail Transport
  • Intelligent Design enables large payload
  • Meets FAA Flame retardant regulations
  • Meets minimum dimensional spec (DPTAC)
  • Push handles
  • Safety belts
  • Fold-able transfer board
  • Fold-able footrests
  • Fold-able backrest
  • 4 swivel wheels



Likely interest:


  • UK and International Airline and aircraft operators
  • Airport ground crew and patient handling organisations
  • Overseas Distributors



 Common acronyms:


  • DPTAC (Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee)
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Technical data - S-Max Aviation Version

Max. Lifting Capacity:

Unit Weight:

Maximum Step Height:


Climbing Speed:


Battery Capacity:

Unit Width (chair):

Unit Width (handle):

UK Warranty:

160 kg

34 kg

255 mm

24V DC

8 to 23 Steps per minute

2 x 12 V / 3,3 Ah sealed lead acid, rechargeable

Up to 300 steps depending on passenger weight

410 mm

475 mm

24 Months warranty - parts and labour

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