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New research commissioned by Habinteg Housing Association has revealed more than half of British adults believe they would have to move if they became physically disabled, because of steps and stairs

Yet, there is already equipment available that could avoid the move. Further, there would be no requirement for adaptation, with all the associated cost/structural disruption.

The equipment is a mobility stairclimber- a powered, seated climbing device that is steered and controlled by the care-giver to safely transfer the person with reduced mobility up and down stairs and steps. 

a powered stairclimber could help thousands of people remain in their homes by solving the problem of stairs

How a stairclimber works

The variety of designs available means there is an option to suit every person- young to elderly- and every configuration of stairs, including turns, narrow flights, half-landings, spirals (

So, whether a staircase in the home or couple of steps down from door to street, the person- whether adult or child- can continue to live in their home, and, importantly, still access their wider community.

You can even go away on holiday without having to book specialist accommodation.

When not in use, the stairclimber folds compactly away.

AAT stairclimbers have an impeccable safety record.

They can be used by the most petite care-giver, and move bariatrics. 

“We continuously hear about the lack of accessible housing, and people having to leave their homes because they can no longer manage the stairs.

“A stairclimber can, in appropriate circumstances, enable people to live as normal in their homes, without the spatial limitation, impact on family life, cost, structural alterations inevitable with alternatives (a stairlift, through-floor lift). 

“It’s a no-brainer. It not only prevents someone who becomes physically disabled having to leave their home. It opens the door to the hundreds of thousands of empty/ perceived inaccessible homes being put to use.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

how do you get one?

Our stairclimbers can be privately purchased, or funded through the local social services.

We are unique in offering nationwide support, including assessment of the potential users (ourselves or in support of an Occupational Therapist), full prescription of an appropriate stairclimber solutions, care-giver training, and servicing. 

We can further deliver a full supply and management service for housing providers, including hire and purchase options. 

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