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Case study

We carried out a stairclimber assessment for a Government department looking for an evacuation solution for a member of staff with a back injury following a car crash.

Our C-Max model was identified as an ideal solution for the member of staff, and for the stairs in the building, but her injuries caused her some significant discomfort as the C-Max was tilted into its operational position.

We formed a Stabilo Vacuum Posture Cushion round therapy roll around her shoulders to fill the gap between her and the back of the C-Max and vacuumed it in position.

We were then able to tilt her back into position and she was very surprised how comfortable she then was with the additional support.

This enabled us to transport her down the fire exit stairs and back up again with no discomfort.

This was a very simple solution which will enable her to work in any building of her choice.

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